Júlíana Rún Indriðadóttir

juliana_runJúlíana Rún  Indriðadóttir graduated from Tónskóli Sigursveins in 1989 where she studied piano with Brynja Guttormsdóttir.  She later studied piano with Georg Sava in Berlin and Jeremy Denk and Edward Auer at Indiana University Bloomington where she completed a master’s degree in piano performance in 1998. Júlíana received TónVakaverðlaun national broadcaster in 1995. Júlíana  has appeared as a soloist , accompanist and choral conductor in Iceland and Germany. She organized a concert with the works of Jón Leifs in Berlin where she participated as a pianist and choir conductor.  Juliana has worked as a music teacher and accompanist at Tónskóli Sigursveins since 1998 and as principal of the music school since 2015.