Epta Iceland’s inland Conference-the 29th of september-1st october.

EPTA’s schedule. Conference in Flúðir.
Friday 29. 09. 2023:

People arriving and settling in. A meeting at Fróða kl. 20:00.
Saturday 30. 09. 2023:
kl. 09:00 Meet up in félagsheimili Hrunamanna á Flúðum.
kl. 09:02 Alberto Urroz (Spain) On Spanish
piano music. Spanish influence on Scarlatti´s music and more.
Coffee break
kl. 10:10 Stefan Bojsten (Sweden) Erindi um þátttöku í píanókeppnum // On
participation in piano competitions, what to play? how to prepare? and all the other Q&A…
kl. 11:10 Introduction of Laufey´s new lesson book: My compositions. The first journey for elementary piano students.
kl. 12:00 Magnea Gunnarsdóttir. Magnea´s new teaching material on theory for beginners “Nótnaeyjan”.
kl. 12:30 – 13:30 Lunch break.
kl. 13:45 Piano Safari piano school.
Kaffi // Coffee break
kl. 15:30 Dr. Linda Christensen (USA)
a) “Google Drive” how to use this as a teacher tool.
b) Ideas for web-based games and activities that do not require an iPad – they would work on any device that could connect to the internet
c) What to look for in a digital piano (this would not feature any particular brand of piano – nothing about sales) – what is new and what digital pianos have to offer now, and why they are a great solution for a teaching studio, either as a primary or secondary instrument.
ca. kl. 17:00 Schedule finished for that day

Sunnudagur 01.10. 2023
kl. 10:00 Piano Safari (USA). continuing.
kl. 11:15 Dr. Linda Christensen (USA). continuing.
kl. 12:30 – 13:30 Lunch break
kl. 13:45 Alberto Urroz (Spain). spanish piano music
Kaffi // Coffee
ca. kl. 16:00 FINE.