Masterclass/Lecture with Albert Mamriev

On Monday the 6th of June EPTA Iceland will be hosting a masterclass and a lecture with the great pianist Albert Mamriev.

The event will be take place in the hall of Garðabær Music School and will last from 9AM to 5PM. Ten students will partake in the masterclass. During the lecture Mr. Mamriev will discuss how to chose repertoire for piano competitions as he has extensive experience both as a competitor as well as a member of jury.

Admission is 5.000 kr. and included is a light lunch. Sign-up is by email to and please let us know if you require vegeterian/gluten free lunch. The fee can be transferred into the following account: 0515-26-13773 kt.: 690586-2239.

Results from the VIII. EPTA Piano Competition

Now the 8th Piano Competition of EPTA Iceland is finished.

We want to thank all the contestants for their great performance in the competition and also to thank their teachers and the people who came and listened.

The results of the jury are following:

Youngest Category – 10 years and younger:

1st place – Kristín Gyða Bjarnveigardóttir
2nd place – Iðunn Óliversdóttir
3rd place – Kolbeinn Hjörleifsson

First Category – 14 years and younger:

1st place – Vasyl Zaviriukha
2nd place – Þór Óli Bjarnason
3rd place – Ásgerður Sara Hálfdanardóttir

Second Category 18 years and younger:

1st place – Ásta Dóra Finnsdóttir
2nd place – Alexander Viðar
3rd place – Óskar Atli Kristinsson

Award for the best performance of a new Icelandic work – Lausagrjót composed by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir:

Polina María Viktorsdóttir

Results of the 1st round of the VII. EPTA Iceland piano competition

The results of the 1st round of the VII. EPTA Iceland piano competition are now available. The secretary of EPTA Iceland was responsible for overseeing and handling of all applications. Members of the Jury of the 1st round were Alexey Lebedev, Aristo Sham og Daumants Liepiņš. The judges appraised the videos of each contestant with points and a brief review in English. The judges only received the following information about each contestant: a name, age/division and works performed. In order to progress to the 2nd round each contestant needed to receive a minimum of 240/3 points = 80 total. 

Enclosed is a list of contestants in alphabetical order who were chosen to compete in the 2nd round which will be held in Kaldalón Hall in Harpa on November 24th – 25th 2018.

1st division

Vasyl Zaviriukha
Þórey María Eyþórsdóttir 

2nd division

Alexander Viðar
Ásta Dóra Finnsdóttir
David Wallerstein
Eysteinn Ísidór Ólafsson
Guðmundur Steinn Markússon
Helga Sigríður Eyþórsdóttir Kolbeins
Ingibjörg Ramos Hilmarsdóttir
Klara Margrét Ívarsdóttir
Magnús Stephensen

3rd division

Anais Bergsdóttir
Baldvin Fannar Guðjónsson
Björn Helgi Björnsson
Ólína Ákadóttir

The board of EPTA Iceland thanks all contestants and the jury for their participation and wishes them good luck!

Great attendance at the 3rd EPTA Inland Conference

Great attendance was at the 3rd. EPTA Inland Conference which was held in Berg concert hall Hljomaholl in cooperation with Reykjanes School of Music January 14th. Around forty piano teachers attended the conference which offered several lectures by Icelandic professionals as well as keynote speaker, Professor Julia Mustonen-Dahlkvist who spoke on the subject of preparing students for competitions. The highlight of the conference was the solo recital of Hong Kong-born pianist Aristo Sham who performed a selection of works by Scarlatti, Scriabin, Liszt, Brahms and Barber. It was an honor for EPTA to present such a rising star in the music world to Icelanders and it will be exciting to follow his career.
The review of Principal Haraldsson of Reykjanesbaer Music School about the conference and Mr. Sham´s recital illuminates what a great success the EPTA conference was: “I was well aware of how pleased the conference´s participants were with the lectures and the high standard of the facilities offered by EPTA. I´m happy to have been a part of this event on behalf of my school. The piano recital of Mr. Aristo Sham was absolutely fantastic! It is great and inspiring to observe and listen to such a young virtuoso. An amazingly mature performance with a sensitive and communicative shaping of tone, nuances and atmosphere affected me deeply as it did others in the audience. The board members of EPTA can be extremely proud of this conference.” Another review by Principal Indridadottir of Sigursveins Music School about the conference is also very commending: “The lectures were truly at a very high standard and clearly articulated – the piano recital by Mr. Sham was of course unbelievably great, – I have rarely heard such piano playing!”